What it’s all about.

YANYB stands for You Are Not Your Body. What a simple concept, right?

My mission is to change the way you think about your body. Your mission is to spread the positive word.



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14 responses to “What it’s all about.

  1. dep

    yay you!

    this is wonderful.


  2. haha, edited my name out X)

  3. Rachel Burgos

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!1111

  4. YANYB

    Betsy, you are so welcome 🙂

  5. Alex

    I couldn’t have said it any better myself. You know, after just hearing those last words, I think I might want to do a presentation on this for school. I think the world should know. However, I’ll start in my own classroom first…
    Maybe it doesn’t take that much to make an impact. Maybe not even more than a few words.

    Thanks Mamav

  6. littlem

    Did I read somewhere that you are making greeting cards?

    Plz let us haz them *kthx*


  7. cmelizabeth

    I am so happy I stumbled upon this site. This is really special. I whole heartily agree with the concept that “You Are Not Your Body.” I operate under the conviction that I am a child of God and my worth is found only in the love of Christ. For me, YANYB is such a wonderful reminder of God’s grace and love. I know that women and girls will each have their own application and interpretation of your idea and I’m only sharing my thoughts to show that. Thank you!

  8. YANYB

    Alex- Sometimes it does only take a few words. I’m so glad that you feel inspired. What exactly are you thinking of doing for your school project? Go with it!

  9. YANYB

    Littlem- Not greeting cards per say, just the little pieces in the post after this one. I originally made them to spread around my town, then realized that this can get much bigger. And henceforth: the blog. Everyone is encouraged to print these out or make their own. If you’d like greeting cards, I would be more than happy to send some to you in the mail! Let me know.

    Cmelizabeth- What a beautiful message. Keep in touch!

  10. Alex

    Well, I suppose I would first like to talk about the world’s status on body image and eating dissorders. I have heard some pupils at my school talking about how they woul “like” having an eating disorder. They have absolutely no idea about what they are talking about!
    They no so little about people with eating disorders and many of them have bad self esteem…
    Everyday I see people in my own class say
    “No, I think I’m fat.”
    Many just do it for attention, but when another student hears another talking about how ugly they are. The person will start comparing oneself to everyone around them.
    I just think especially students have to learn how to love themselves, and concentrate more on what’s on the inside.
    Life’s too short for this kind of stuff, one should feel good about one self. =)

  11. Cenge

    So far I didn’t care for your title, but your content is very enjoyable. Keep up the good work!

  12. Anonymous

    Just stumbled upon this while in the depths of (yet another) bout of suicidal depression focusing on my imperfect body and overweightness of self. The whole world cares about nothing about me other than – how does she compare to J Lo? Kate Moss? Etc. It doesn’t matter what I accomplish, in the end to most people I am nothing more than that fat chick – i.e., worthless, lazy, disgusting.

    I will be reading.

  13. YANYB

    Cenge- What about the title is sucky? Happy to hear constructive criticism

    Anon- Your comment hit hard. The world cares SO much more about you than you know. There are millions of us that are fed up with this body shit and can see past your image. I’m always here

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