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10 responses to “ROUND TWO

  1. Alex

    Oh my god! These are amazing! The first one especially – as a man who tries his best to care for people very close to him who are struggling – hits home and is very powerful.

  2. cookie

    If your body mass is 100kg then you are fat, unless you are 9 foot tall. The ‘fat’ thing is not too difficult, even for the most stupid of Americans, to understand. If you are on the chubby side and nobody is finding you attractive, perhaps consider losing some blubber. Ask youself – that fat in motion when you are getting jiggy, is it really nice to look at? It isn’t. So lose it, and get urself in good shape. It aint hard – just low fat and sugar and exercise – there is nothing more to it than that. No magic secrets etc. Good luck to you.

  3. chelsey

    i like the last photo posted. all of them are good and informative but, i relate to the last one the most.

    im one year into my recovery with anorexia and on the day to day i get so lost in my emotions and illogical head, the only way to bring me back down from my depression or lack of self esteem, is to remind me that i am not my body.

    i dont know, but i do appreciate and like the pictures. thanks.

  4. YANYB

    Cookie- I’m sorry, but I don’t understand where your comment came from. Where are you referencing 100 kg from? What are you trying to say?

  5. YANYB

    Chelsey- I know exactly where you’re coming from. It’s like a purgatory being stuck between what you’ve known for so long and recovery. It’s so damn frustrating. I’m here if you need to vent.

  6. there are no words.

    aside from… i love your blog.
    keep doing what you do.
    people like you are going to change the world. 🙂

  7. YANYB

    Emmy- that comment made my day. I’ve been down in the dumps and that just made me feel so damn good. Thank you ❤

  8. Ana

    I came across this site, whilst looking for an ‘ana’ related photo to post with my poem.
    I believe you to be a special person
    making a voice for those who cannot be heard
    who cant speak up
    because ‘she’ tells us not too
    I am a member of a pro ana community
    and before im hit with criticism
    its my safe haven
    i would be dead without my girls
    knowing i have friends all over the world there for me when i crash
    there when times get so bad ur close to ending it all
    but more because ~ in there ~ our safe haven
    you have the power to make a change
    you have the power to reach individuals
    and even if you do nothing but listen
    you know u were there for someone
    anorexia strips us of everything
    teaches us to restrict and cut everyone off
    we take a vow of silence
    to make change
    by controling our eating
    thank you for your website.
    thank you.
    knowing that there are people out there who are trying to help us
    find our own strength
    find our voice
    so that we may live life for real
    without ana.
    I hope you dont mind but I would like to post your website in our community so that my girls can come here for hope
    to know that people care
    and that the feeling of ALONE
    is no longer needed.,
    thank you.

  9. Jodie J.

    These are absolutely fantastic. My best friend just recently passed away from anorexia. I believe these serve as a message to many young women out there. Love yourself<3

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