Hi, all. I’m sorry for the extended hiatus. To be completely honest, I haven’t been feeling so hot about my own body and haven’t had any inspiration for this project. I dropped it for a while, claiming it to all be “bullshit”. Humans, and especially women, are destined to hate their bodies, right?

NO! I don’t feel like putting up with it any longer. You know what IS bullshit? Dieting. Hating your body, instead of loving it for all of the magical things it does for you. Your body is a simply vessel for all of those beautiful thoughts and emotions you have. You are not your body, but please treat it well.

What do you do when you get down about yourself? What helps you remember, “Oh, yeah! I need to love myself!”

My best friend told me last night: don’t get mad at yourself. Get mad at whatever is putting these ideas in your head. How about the fashion industry? Fuck ’em! Brb guys… I have to go pick up some skinny jeans for my baby:

What is up with the world, huh?



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6 responses to “BULLshit!

  1. Actually I think it has something to do with a culture people are living in – I mean that in richer countries people have more time to hate their bodies and smth like that. Cause I live in a country, where skinny is also considered beautiful (of course not Kate Moss or Nicole Richie kind of skinny, but this kind of skinny that Victoria Beckham calss + size models 🙂 ) and I have never felt bad about my body and I know maybe 2 persons, who are unhappy about their weight – and for one of them it´s still a pose and both of them still love themselves too much to starve. And if I look at the statistics, it is clear, that there´s lot more of anorexia in USA than in Europe, specially than in East-Europe, although beauty ideals are the same. I wonder what´s that about? (Although when I look at USA magazines, then it´s really not much to wonder – the pressure is so visible there.)

  2. Elspeth

    baby skinny jeans? that shit is fuxxed. what kind of nightmare is this?

  3. carryon says : I absolutely agree with this !

  4. Anne

    hey there – i seens your profile on polyvore and thought id check your blog…
    i have to say it touched me
    as do so many things related to…eds…

    i know it is probably a dumb thing to ask … but have you ever read wasted by marya hornbacher…i couldnt read it in one session because i was getting tangeled up too much yet again i could lay it down.

    i just started my blog so theres like barely anything on there…but ill be sure to continue writing – maybe we can exchange thoughts…

    kisses and ciaociao anne

  5. Anne

    oh and rents:

    part of what you are saying
    is not true.

    Me coming from the field of psychiatry, and having written more than one paper on EDs, i have to say that, over the past decade, there has been alot of changing in the distribution of Eating Disorder onset around the world.

    For one part, the age-onset has broadened, leaving us with girls as young as 5 yrs and women as “old” as 50 starving themselves or engaging in purging type of behaviors.

    For the other, the locations have changed.
    Of course, the number of eating disordered patients is still high in countries like the usa or europe (and continuously rising).
    However, Japan and Argentina are the number one (and two) countries when it comes to EDs.

    Of course there is a corelations between the economical developments of these 2 countries over the past decade, but frighteningly, they have passed North America and Europe by far.

    Due to increasing availability of internet-access, things like pro-ana have been able to make friends ALL around the world …

    But, after all, one shouldn’t forget that there is so much more to an Eating Disorder than just society’s pressure to be less than skinny, and that, in a number of cases, the ED is an attempt not to remain so palpable…vulnerable.

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