Let us eat chocolate in peace

It’s getting more and more difficult to indulge:

And I can’t find a company name/website for this one..



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6 responses to “Let us eat chocolate in peace

  1. youareremarkable

    i was wondering if we could link this blog on our site in our “visit love here” section.
    if so can you write a little description about this blog. anything you want! & email it to the.feel.good.revolt@gmail.com


  2. Oh my dear and fluffy lord. If I did not believe our society promotes a thoroughly dangerous relationship to food before I would right this minute. I’m glad you’re here pointing out the absurdity of our national relationship to food. I’m also so glad we don’t have things like this in Switzerland.

  3. hope505

    “fat pig” brand chocolate makes baby jesus cry.

    * : (

  4. burginator

    well at least its organic… right?!

  5. karnii

    seriously. that’s sick.

  6. randomlymikey

    iam ashamed to say i want these products. uuhhggg….i make myself sick 😦

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