I’ve hit a wall with this project.  Anyone have ideas?  I want to make something other than those little cards.

NEDA auction has been extended until December 4th.  But that’s not much time, so get over there and bid!  Do your holiday shopping and support an amazing organization.  There’s even an auction for a luncheon with Lynne Grefe, CEO of NEDA!  Droool.



Filed under anorexia, body image, eating disorders, holidays, NEDA, pro-ana, pro-health, shopping, yanyb, you are not your body

2 responses to “Thump.

  1. Mary

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your cards. This past year has been a struggle for me, so I printed off your cards and look at them from time to time. Some of them bring me to tears (“You are worth more than your physical self” in particular). Please continue to make more, or at least continue updating this blog. I think you have started an amazing project. Let me know if I can contribute in some way.

  2. healthymodelscoalition

    thanks for spreading NEDA awareness and ED awareness. it’s a great cause!

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