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10 responses to “About

  1. Mickey

    Don’t you know that self-esteem is dangerous, especially in fatties? 😉

    Fabulous blog; keep up the good work.

  2. Best of wishes as your site takes off. I’m going to add you to my blog roll. Feel free to check out my site.

    I really appreciate the questions you posted.

    Jen Olski

  3. cmelizabeth

    Another quick post. I strongly believe you should get this message out, everywhere. I was playing around on a t-shirt design website. I think t-shirts would be amazing and I know of many, many girls who would purchase one in an instant! Here is just a little something. Not too much time or effort went into this, and obviously if you would consider this I could make something a little more fabulous! 🙂

    http://www.customink.com/lab/?PK=127305 check it out…

  4. cmelizabeth

    Ok, the link didn’t work. What is your e-mail address, I can send the design that way. Sorry!

  5. Wonderful designs. Have you ever thought about selling on Etsy.com? It’s a great site for indie craftsters. I have my own shop (frenchroast.etsy.com) and it’s fun.

    I’m glad you’re finding good in your recovery- this stuff helped me greatly, too.

  6. pdxWoman

    I would buy these! They are fantastic. Keep it up.

  7. tsaari


    Great Blog! Luv it– kick ED’s butt, love thyself.

    ciao- *T

  8. I love the site so far. You should make post cards out of your pictures and words. I would love them.

    Keep blogging!

  9. Tya

    I hope you keep on updating.

    I just stumbled upon the world of pro-ana… I was quite surprised. Most of the sites i search using pro-ana as the key word sounded more like promoting ana as opposed to keeping it real and admitting that it is a dangerous condition.

    I like the tone of your blog though. It tell it like it is… With a real grip on what is real.

  10. Allie

    This is a great project. I see a lot of people struggling with ana but recovery seems to be terribly difficult. This blog shows that it IS possible, and is such an encouragement. Thank you and best of luck in getting the word out and continuing recovery.

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