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2009 Summer Bikini Diet- Read More to Develop Low Self Esteem!

It’s finally springtime!  All of the critters are crawling out from winter’s hibernation.  It’s time to get outside, lay in the grass, and best of all- start your beach bod diet!  The diet articles in magazines are flourishing during these pre-summer months.  Now that you’re wearing lighter clothes, people will see you better, and you better be thinner and younger than you were last year!  Hell, thinner and younger than you were 10 years ago.  I encourage all of you to restrain yourselves from buying magazines with diets as their cover stories.  If this is what we buy, this is what they’ll give us.  If you already have some, do something empowering- whether it be shredding or burning or defacing.  You don’t need that shit!  There is never a “new you”; your identity is your own.  Own it!

Ps- Notice how headlines group the words thinner and younger with happier. What a joke.



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